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Martin Hanaka

Martin Hanaka has quite the illustrious career as an executive and board member in the corporate world. From April 20076 to present he serves as the Chairman of Golfsmith International Holdings and has been interim Chief Executive Officer since January 2008. For The Sports Authority, Inc. he resides as the Chairman Emeritus of the Board, holding the position since June 2004. Before taking on this role he Hanaka was the Chairman of the Board of The Sports Authority from November 1999 until June 2004 and was its Chief Executive Officer from September 1998 until August 2003.

His career goes back even firther than that, however. Mr. Hanaka joined The Sports Authority’s Board of Directors in February 1998.From August 1994 until October 1997, Mr. Hanaka served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Staples, Inc., an office supply superstore retailer.Mr. Hanaka also serves on the Board of Governors of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

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